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Here we will be discussing the best Husqvarna Pressure Washer reviews. Cleaning can be really tedious sometimes, especially when you are up against years of hardened dirt and stains in those hard to reach corners in your home. Either you leave them be or you put up a fight and get rid of them. As you may already know, a pressure washer has proven to be really helpful in cleaning and washing. And that’s the reason you are here, i.e. to buy yourself the best pressure washer on the market that has all the things you need to conveniently and easily do you’re washing and cleaning. That said, you might also know that not all pressure washer brands are trustworthy. That leaves in a dilemma of choosing to be on team hand-washing or to move on to team pressure-washers.

Best Husqvarna Pressure Washers

What if we told you there was a brand that you can trust. One that could relieve you from all the hardships of cleaning and washing all the time.  Husqvarna is one of the most famous manufacturers of outdoor power products. This Swedish company specializes in manufacturing top-notch electric and gas powered pressure washer. Its pressure washers are known for their robustness, efficiency and cleaning power. Below are some of the top pressure washer Husqvarna has so far manufactured.

1. Husqvarna PW 125 Pressure Washer

If you are looking for a light duty pressure washer for residential use then the Husqvarna PW 125 pressure washer is what you should go for. Not only is it more efficient and powerful but also super-easy to assemble and use. On top of that, it comes with all the necessary accessories for cleaning cars and dirt bikes. Let’s take a look at what this robust pressure washer has to offer.

Design and Material Used

With a powerful motor and a robust everlasting metal pump, the PW 125 pressure washer delivers pressure rating up to 125 bar. The powerful motor generates a flow rate up to 460 l/h. This model from Husqvarna is one of the most compact and powerful unit making it highly portable and easy to maneuver.

Although its compact, it design is so perfect it can store all the accessories and the hose as well. This pressure washer allows you to store the hose on the hose reel in an organize manner and also store other accessories on the onboard storage space. In addition, you also get a rotatable nozzle and a jet nozzle to tackle various cleaning tasks. You also get an ergonomically designed spray gun that adds to the convenience and ease of use of this pressure washer. For more cleaning power, this model has been equipped with a foam sprayer to allow you clean your vehicle.

Buyers Reviews

Another amazing thing about Husqvarna is that it has the most satisfied customers. You can visit various review website and check for its reviews. According to those reviews, the PW 125 is one of the most convenient residential pressure washers on the market. It’s best for cleaning vehicles, patios, driveways, and upholstery.

2. Husqvarna PW 235 Pressure Washer

The Husqvarna is an upgrade of the PW235 and slightly more powerful and robust. It is equipped with a slightly more powerful motor and pump which allows it to generate more cleaning power, hence making it more effective.

Design and Material Used

The Husqvarna’s aim for compactness and power and that is what they achieve with their products. The Husqvarna PW235 has the same size as that of the PW 125 but its way more powerful and efficient. It has a powerful motor generating up to 135 bars of water pressure. With its powerful pump pumping water at a rate of up to 520 l/h.

This amazing pressure washer comes with an 8mhose to aid in cleaning hard to reach places and the hose can be stored on the onboard hose reel. Just like the PW 125, it too comes with a turbo and rotatory nozzles, onboard storage space, a foam sprayer and quick connect and double swivels.

Buyers Reviews

The PW 235 pressure washer from Husqvarna has almost the same reviews as PW 125. Moreover, buyers loved this robust unit for its enhanced power and efficiency. That said, there are some complaints regarding its durability and the poor customer support.

3. Husqvarna PW 345C Pressure Washer

With the Husqvarna PW 345C, the company has raised the standards up a notch. Its compact and robust design has become a headache for other competitors on the market. The reason it’s on our list is that it’s more compact and more powerful as well. Its compact and lightweight design makes it the best option for people who are constantly on the move.

Design and Material Used

The Husqvarna PW 345C has a robust design and a powerful metal-made motor generating water pressure up to 145 bars and a flow rate up to 550 l/h. Unlike the PW 135 and 235, this pressure washer has no hose reel which is a bit of a downer but it still allows you to store the hose in an organized manner. With its quick hose coupling, now you can easily and quickly connect and disconnect the hose while assembling the best pressure washer.

To add more ease to its use, it has a durable aluminum handle that allows you to easily and effortlessly maneuver it while pressure washing. In addition, it has robust high-quality wheels which also adds to its maneuverability. With this pressure washer, you get a quality spray gun, rotatable and turbo nozzles, and a foam sprayer.

Buyers Reviews

The Husqvarna PW 345C has a lot of positive feedback from its customers. People who have experienced its working say that it’s simply the best pressure washer for home use on the market. It has the power and the convenience one need while pressure washing one’s property.

4. Husqvarna HB34-3400 PSI pressure washer

Next on our list of best Husqvarna pressure washer is the Husqvarna HB34 pressure washer. The Husqvarna HB34 is all about power, and it is meant for people who need heavy duty pressure washers. What makes it special is the fact that it delivers so much power with such a compact structure.

Design and Material Used

Unlike the above Husqvarna models, the Husqvarna HB34 is gas powered and hence more powerful than the PW 125, PW 235, and PW345C. It has a lightweight design equipped with a Briggs & Stratton CR950 series 208cc engine and an adjustable axial cam pump. With such powerful engine and efficient pump, it generates a total of 9500 cleaning units. Moreover, to ensure maximum durability it has a fully welded frame supported by 10” pneumatic wheels so that you can easily move it around while washing.

Another amazing thing about this powerful unit is that it has a lot of space for a small compact unit. You can conveniently store the 30’ hose in an organized manner. In addition, you can also store the five nozzle provided for various cleaning tasks.

Buyers Reviews

Buyers loved this pressure washer for its power and robustness. Moreover, they say that it’s best for commercial use and indeed the best commercial pressure washer on the market. Buyers also appreciated it for its easy maneuverability.

5. Husqvarna HH42-4200 PSI pressure washer

If you need more cleaning power then go for the Husqvarna HH42. Its robust and durable structure combined with a powerful engine makes it one of the best commercial pressure washers on the market. Since it’s lightweight and compact, you can easily take it anywhere you want.

Design and Material Used

The HH42, like the HB34 has a durable and compact welded frame supported by 13” pneumatic wheels. It has a Honda GX390 engine, delivering 389cc of power. It has a low-maintenance AR triplex pump that provides adjustable pressure up to 4200 PSI. The total flow rate generated by this pump is up to 4 gallons per minute which is great for commercial scale pressure washing.

This pressure washer comes with five nozzle, a 50ft flexible hose, an efficient spray gun, and a lance. The best thing about this pressure washer is that you can store all those accessories conveniently on the pressure washer.

Buyers Reviews

People who have used the Husqvarna HH42 pressure washer say that it’s the most powerful pressure washer they have ever used. With powerful Honda engine generating 16800 cleaning units, you can easily get rid of the hardest and toughest of stains. In addition, buyers also liked that it has a compact design which makes it more portable than most commercial pressure washers.


Husqvarna is one of the most trustworthy and popular brands when it comes to pressure washers. With its high-quality and super-efficient electric and gas pressure washer, it is one of the leading pressure washer brands with most satisfied customers across the world. If you want a reliable cleaning units that delivers what it claims, moreover, what you need than buy one of the Husqvarna’s pressure washers.

Thankfully, Husqvarna manufactures bother electric and gas powered pressure washers, so you have a lot of variety to choose from. You can go for electric pressure washer if you need one for residential use. You can also go for gas pressure washer if you need a more powerful unit. The list we provided contains some of Husqvarna’s top-notch pressure washers. They are more reliable than others, and efficient as well.

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