Generac vs Simpson Pressure Washer

This article is about Generac vs Simpson pressure washer and it will help you a lot to buy the best one. Gas pressure washers are one of the most powerful pressure washers made for heavy duty cleaning tasks. Although there are many amazing emerging brands that produce some top quality pressure washers, there are a few brands that are reigning over the pressure washer market for a very long time, the reigning brands are Generac, Simpson, and Honda.

If you want to buy a pressure washer that has been made by highly experience expert than you should probably buy from one of these brands. Among these brands we would recommend you to either buy from Generac or Simpson. That’s because these brands have way more experience in making pressure washers than that of the Honda Company.

Generac vs Simpson Pressure Washer

Now you would be wondering, which is better Generac or Simpson. That is where we come in, this article is about Generac vs Simpson pressure washer. In this article, we will share all the differences, benefits and disadvantages between the two brands.

First we would like to give a brief intro about the two brands, when they were invented, what specialties they have in machine making and what are their achievements.


The Generac Holdings Inc. was founded by Robert Kern in 1959, it first starting manufacturing generators. In 1980s it entered the commercial/industrial market with its back up power generator systems.

generac pressure washer

Since then Generac have been producing high quality, heavy duty, and reliable power generators and pressure washers. Generac produces some of the best commercial pressure washers and also the best residential pressure washers as well.

This Generac received the Milwaukee Magazine’s “Best Places to Work” award, received silver in the 2010 Plant Engineering “Product of the Year” award, the Good Housekeeping seal for its guardian series standby generators, the 2014 “Natural Gas Generator Company of the year” award from Frost & Sullivan.

Generac 7122 SpeedWash, 3200 PSI, Orange

Generac 7122 SpeedWash, 3200 PSI, Orange

The Generac 7122 pressure washer is one of the best industrial pressure washer and is perfect for industrial use but unlike Simpson MSH3125 pressure washer it can’t be used for residential cleaning tasks.


The Simpson Company came into being in 1961, a mechanic named Jack Simpson created the first pressure washer, after that his inventions was noticed and soon they were recognized for their amazing work, soon the name Simpson became a brand for manufacturing top quality, efficient, innovative and reliable pressure washers.

simpson pressure washer

When it comes to achievement, the Simpson brands doesn’t have more major achievements worth mentioning but their products are amazing and super-efficient.

DetailsGenerac Pressure WasherSimpson Pressure washer

L24.2” W18.9” H35.5”
L 26”
Gallon Per Minute (GPM)2.7 Gallons Per Minute2.5 Gallons Per Minute
Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI)3200 PSI3100 PSI
EngineGenerac ohv 196ccHONDA GC 190
PumpAxial cam pump with brass headOEM Technologies axial
Nozzles4-Quick Nozzle (0,15,25, soap)5-Quick Connect (0, 15, 25, 40)
WheelNever-flat wheel10” Pneumatic

Simpson MSH3125 pressure washer

If you are looking for a powerful pressure washer to tackle all medium to heavy duty cleaning tasks then there is not better option than Simpson MSH3125 pressure washer. This gas powered pressure washer has maximum cleaning power of 8000 cleaning units.

Most gas pressure washers are noisy and messy, this Simpson pressure washer however, is noiseless and environment friendly, it has a powerful engine that generates 3200 psi of water pressure.

The body of this pressure washer is designed ergonomically so that you can easily move it around without having much problem. If you want to transport this pressure washer from one place to another, you can easily do so. The engine is covered by a metal frame so that there is no accidental damage to the engine or the pump while in use.

  • Powerful Honda GC190 engine
  • Maintenance-free OEM technology axial cam pump
  • Maximum water pressure of 3200 psi
  • Maximum flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.
  • Cleaning power is 8000 cleaning units
  • Welded steel frame construction that offers protection to the engine and pump
  • The body is supported by 10” pneumatic wheels for easy maneuvering
  • The pump/hose connection is made through a standard threaded M22 connection
  • Pressure washer comes with a flexible and durable high pressure hose for effectively cleaning hard to reach places.
  • The Pump has a brass pump head which is way more durable than other pressure washers with aluminum pump heads.
  • The muffler is upfront and has a head shield.

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

The Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 pressure washer is one of the many masterpieces manufactured by Simpson Cleaning so far. The pressure washer is easy to use, easy to setup and efficient as well. It has a bigger gas tank, which means you can clean more area with this pressure washer.

Generac 7122 SpeedWash Pressure Washer

If you are looking for a self-controlled pressure washer to tackle all industrial cleaning tasks than you should buy the Generac 7122 SpeedWash pressure washer. The Generac 7122 pressure washer is one of the most powerful pressure washer manufactured by the Generac Company.

When compared to the Simpson MSH3125 pressure washer, this pressure washer is slightly more powerful but a lot less convenient and a lot more costly.

  • Generac 7122 pressure washer is a durable and ergonomically designed powerhouse
  • It generates maximum water pressure up to 3200 psi at a flow rate of 2.7 GPM
  • This pressure washer has Generac 196cc OHV engine
  • Brass-headed axial cam pump
  • 25-foot flexible high-pressure hose, you can easily clean hard to reach places.
  • Fill the onboard detergent tank with the best pressure washer cleaner and enjoy cleaning with enhanced cleaning power.
  • Increase cleaning power i.e. 8640 cleaning units, for more effective and quick cleaning.
  • Non slip wheel for better maneuverability
  • Comes with a manufacturer warranty
  • Comes with 4 quick connect nozzle for various cleaning tasks
  • Easy to assemble and easy to use.


Which is better, Generac or Simpson pressure washer?

Depends on your needs, if you want a residential pressure washer, Simpson is the best. If you want industrial pressure washer, would recommend you both Generac and Simpson.

What is the best pressure washer to buy for home use?

Any Simpson pressure washer that has cleaning power between 5000-7000 cleaning units, is good for home use.

Who makes the engines for Simpson pressure washers?

Most Simpson pressure washers are powered by Honda Engines

Which are the best brands for pressure washers?

For electric pressure washers, Sun Joe, Karcher, Ryobi and Greenworks are the best brands.

For gas pressure washers, Honda, Simpson, Generac, TACKLIFE and Westinghouse are the best brands.

Is Simpson a good brand?

Simpson is the best pressure washer brand and it standout in other brands because it specializes only in cleaning and washing machines.

Final Verdict

In the end we would say that both brands have their benefits and flaws, at the end, it depends on your need what kind of pressure washer you want. If you want a pressure washer purely for industrial purposes than we would recommend you to buy either Generac pressure washer or a Simpson pressure washer. If you want a pressure washer for residential and commercial use, we would recommend you to buy the Simpson pressure washers.

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