How Much Does A Pressure Washer Cost?

If there’s one surface that needs cleaning and it will be a while before we do this again then buy. Otherwise renting may work out better for those who aren’t sure they’ll use their machine often enough in order not to have an unused asset sitting around taking up space at home (or even worse selling).

How Much Does A Pressure Washer Cost

Pressure washing is an easy way to make your home look new again, but it’s not as cheap or quick if you do the work yourself. A gas powered pressure washer costs between $300-$600 dollars per day depending on what type of model and how many hours are needed for this task, electric units can also be purchased at varying prices which range anywhere from 100 cents per use up to four figures.

A gas pressure washer is a perfect tool for cleaning up neglected decks and dirty siding. However, homeowners should consider how much work will be involved before buying one since they require engine maintenance as well as room to store it all.

Most Popular Pressure Washer Price Budgets

Simpson PowerShot w/ Honda Engine

The Simpson PowerShot gas-powered machine is the best all-around value, period. With a Honda engine and 4200 PSI it will be enough cleaning power for your farm or home even if you plan on doing some extra work with this great piece of equipment.

Generac SpeedWash

The best pressure washer under 300 is a brand new pressure washer from Generac, the SpeedWash. This quick and easy to use device lets you change output PSI with one dial speed without having too many settings or features on your phone as other brands do nowadays.

It has also been top asked for by consumers because it allows them more control over their home garden maintenance needs but don’t take my word for it, try out this awesome product today at such an affordable price point (even if budget won’t).

Simpson MegaShot

The Simpson Megashot is the best gas powered pressure washer for under 400. It’s able to offer amazing value as it costs (sometimes) as little as $300 -$350, which can’t be beaten. The engine is Honda and there are many more reasons why this product tops our list of favorites from all companies in its class including FNA Group-owned Simpsons Cleaning Company who make high-quality tools at scale across their extensive manufacturing facilities within America.

Karcher K5 Premium

First electric powered with Karcher is pressure washer under 300 price range.It has a water cooled induction motor which is more durable and will run for less time before needing service, as well it being quieter than an air-cooled universal machine that you find in many marketplaces today.

With this new addition from Germany’s largest powerwasher company, saving money on manufacturing can now happen at scale so they have been able to pass down their savings onto US consumers through high quality equipment made right here Stateside too.

Best Under $200

The most crowded price range is a special place for both buyers and sellers. A lot of people want to get in on this market, but there’s also more than enough competition as well. That being said it was time to make my decision between two electric pressure washers: AR Blue Clean vs Sun Joe.

GreenWorks Light-duty Electric

Electric pressure washers are affordable, but they can only do so much. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds then consider getting a gas-powered power washer because these will give your projects bigger capabilities and won’t take as long compared to electric models.


Q. Is pressure washer costly?

A. You can buy a pressure washer today for an average cost of $246. Gas-powered models range from around $379 to over 4K while battery-operated units are usually in-between at about 180 dollars. Electric machines will set you back about 160 bucks.

Q. Is purchasing a pressure washer worth it?

A. Pressure washers are great for removing that pesky dirt from your car or patio. But if you own one, know the downsides of it. They take up storage space and require maintenance to maintain so they’re not really worth doing in my opinion unless you have no other option than this type of equipment due to its high cost-to-entry with little return on investment over time.

Q. Is there any difference between a power washer and a pressure washer?

A. pressure washing and power washing both use heated water to remove grime from surfaces. But the main difference with these two is in how they get their steam: A pressure washer’s jet wash uses hot jets of pressurized high-volume water while a Power Washing machine uses an electric nozzle that injects cold or warm tap water onto any given surface before pushing out strong streams at different pressures depending on what you’re cleaning such as driveways sidewalks patios steps porches decks gutters siding screen doors French drains rain barrels irrigation systems bird baths sprinkler heads etc.

Q. Is there pressure washing is demanded more these days?

A. Pressure washers are a popular and growing market in today’s world. The implementation of stringent health and safety regulations by government bodies around the globe is fueling this demand for these machines, which can be used to clean up any number of surfaces including walls or floors but also cars if you want your vehicle looking good again.

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