Why does my electric pressure washer keep cutting out

Pressure washers are one of the most powerful and convenient machines in the market. Not only do they make a cleaning task a lot easier, they also save you a lot of time. There are two types of pressure washers i.e. gas pressure washer and electric pressure washers.

Gas pressure washers, as the name implies, are powered by gas. These pressure washers are more powerful and heavy duty. Although gas pressure washers are more powerful and does the job more efficiently, they are quite noisy and creates a mess if not used properly. There are also some of the best gas powered pressure washers that are less noisy and less messy.

Electric pressure washers are powered by electricity. These pressure washers are slightly less powerful but are very convenient and easy to use. Electric pressure washers are more environment friendly and are also cheaper than gas pressure washers. There are some of the best electric pressure washers that are as powerful as a gas pressure washer.

Do(s) and Don’t(s) of pressure washers

Before we tell you why your electric pressure washer keeps cutting out, we will tell you how to avoid this problem and also what can possibly cause this and other problems in your pressure washer. Here are some of the Do(s) of a pressure washer.


  • To make sure your pressure washer is getting enough power supply, connect your pressure washer directly to the power outlet.
  • Carry out maintenance of your pressure washer on daily basis or at least twice or thrice a week. Doing so will help in detecting faulty or broken parts and repairing them on time.
  • Also check if all the inlets and outlets have tightened connections, and that the hose has an O-ring connection.
  • Make sure that there is no debris in the hose or around/in the nozzle and spray gun.
  • If you are using a detergent solution, make sure you are using the right proportion, otherwise a stronger solution might damage the surface you are cleaning.

Above were some of the important things you should do with your pressure washer, below are some of the Don’t(s) of a pressure washer.


  • Don’t use an extension cord to power your pressure washer. An extension cord might not supply full power to your pressure washer and it may also cause electrocution or severe malfunction which will damage your pressure washer and you might not be able to repair it.
  • Don’t use your pressure washer is its leaking. Make sure your pressure washer isn’t leaking.
  • Don’t use electric pressure washer outside your house when it’s raining.

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Why your electric pressure washer keeps cutting out?

There are several reason that might cause your electric pressure washer to cut off. If you make sure you are doing everything according to the book i.e. by following the DO(s) and DON’T(s) that we mentioned above, and you are still having the same problem, here is what you should do.

When you turn your pressure washer on and don’t release the nozzle immediately, the pressure might build and that might engage a safety switch that will cause your pressure washer to turn off. When you press the nozzle and allow the water to go out, it releases the pressure and the switch automatically disengages and your pressure washer turns on.

If this doesn’t help with your problem, we would recommend you to take your pressure washer to pressure washer experts and let them solve the problem for you. Repairing a pressure washer can sometimes be more costly than buying a new one, another best option would be buying the best residential pressure washers.

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