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While planning and calculating your yearly budget, you might have come across car maintenance costs. If you haven’t already, get a calculator and calculate how much money you have dumped into car maintenance this year, cause it’s typically a lot in most cases. Every car owner usually spends $ to $$$ on their car wash alone. For people who prefer cleaning their cars by themselves, the overall cost is quite lower than those who prefer to get it done by the professionals.

If you prefer washing your car all by yourself, you might be curious what you can use to speed and ease up the cleaning process. Fortunately for you when have found the answer to this question and it is the best Subaru pressure washer. Yes, a Subaru pressure washer is all you need to get the job done quickly and effortlessly. To know which of Subaru’s pressure washer you should buy, continue reading because in this blog we will review some of Subaru’s top-notch pressure washing units.

Best Subaru Pressure Washer Reviews

Moreover, you will also get to know the crucial elements on can consider while going for a pressure washer. With knowledge of these factors you can get yourself the best and most suitable pressure washer.

1. Black Max Subaru Pressure Washer

Black Max Subaru Pressure Washer

The Black Max Subaru pressure washer is the perfect option for beginners looking for a good gas powered pressure washer. On top of its easy-to-maneuver highly ergonomic design, it has powerful machinery that generates high cleaning power. With its moderate strength of 2700 psi, you can easily and quickly get rid of some of the toughest of stains.

Design and Material Used

The Black Max Subaru pressure washer has a powerful 175cc Subaru engine that allows the units to put out up to 2.3 gallons per minute. The structure of this model is made of durable material ensuring long lasting life. Moreover, to ensure maximum maneuverability, it has 12-inch durable wheels. This best pressure washer comes with a handy high pressure whose gives you extra reach.

The best thing about this amazing unit is that it has one gallon detergent tank. That, in turn, allows you to enhance your cleaning power by adding the best detergent solution. It also comes with five nozzle tips for various cleaning applications.

Buyers Reviews

People who have used this pressure washer are very satisfied with it. They love it for its easy assembly and use. You can have it deliver to your front door and can assemble it in no time at all. Apart from that, users also appreciated it for its power and efficiency. That said, there were some customer complaining that it was harder to start on a hot day.

2. Rigid 3300 Subaru Pressure washer

Rigid 3300 Subaru Pressure washer

The Rigid Subaru pressure washer, as the name implies, is more powerful and generate more cleaning power than the Black Max. In addition, it also has a much lighter design and hence much easier to move around. While Black Max Subaru pressure washer was for beginners, the Rigid Subaru pressure washer is for experienced users.

Design and Material Used

With a powerful 210cc Subaru engine and a professional CAT pump, the Rigid pressure washer generates up to 3300 PSI of water pressure and 3.0 gallons per minute of flow rate. The extra cleaning power makes it the best option for professional use. In addition, you also get five interchangeable nozzles for conveniently changing spray patterns for various cleaning purposes.

You also get a 30-foot long hose with a 360 swivel that allows you to conveniently clean hard to reach places. The pressure washer has a total weight of 65 pounds, and with those wheels you can easily move it around and transport it as well.

Buyers Reviews

Most buyers loved it for its power and ease-of-use. They said it was easy to assemble and cleaned anything that needed cleaning. That said, customer weren’t satisfied with its professional price. Regardless, they still recommend this pressure washer for people looking for the best commercial pressure washer.

3. PowerStroke 3100 Subaru Pressure Washer

PowerStroke 3100 Subaru Pressure Washer

And now comes the most common Subaru pressure washers. It is most widely used and for a good reason. It is a wonderful residential pressure washer and will do wonders to your garage and patio when put to work.

Design and Material Used

The PowerStroke Sabaru pressure washer is the most economical commercial and residential pressure washer with a powerful 212cc engine. The Subaru engine is highly efficient putting out up to 2.5 GPM for convenient and quick clean up. With 0.66 gallon fuel tank, you can have longer cleaning sessions which adds to the convenience of this pressure washer.

What makes this Subaru pressure washer better than the other two models is the fact that’s its more powerful and has less weight than the other two models. Its low weight combined with ergonomic design makes it ultra-portable and easy to move around.

Buyers Reviews

Since it one of the most widely bought pressure washer, it’s more available than other Subaru pressure washers, and it’s available at Walmart as well. Buyers loved it for its easy availability, ease of use, and efficiency.

How are Subaru Pressure Washers Better than Other Brands?

One of the hallmarks of the Subaru brand is that its pressure washers are equipped with its powerful Subaru engines. These engines are known for their durability and efficiency. In addition, Subaru pressure washers stand up in terms of use i.e., they are a lot easier to use than other pressure washer brands. This alone makes them the best option for beginners.

That said, two things you won’t like about these pressure washer is the noise they generate and their high price tag. But, these two drawbacks are the most common drawbacks of all gas pressure washers. So, if you were to choose other brand, it’s likely you will find the same flaws in those pressure washers as well.


If you are looking for a powerful and highly reliable pressure washer, you should probably buy one of Subaru’s pressure washers. They are not only most efficient but also low maintenance and outlive other brands. Although slightly expensive, these pressure washers are highly reliable and has no flaw at all.

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