How much do pressure washers make an hour

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If you are looking for a pressure washing job or thinking about starting your own business then, one of the most important decisions that you face at this stage is how much to charge your customer per hour. If you decide to pay too much then you’re going to have a hard time finding customers, but if you decide to charge too little then you may have plenty of sales, but after you are done with everything and check then money you have made, you would not much to show for it.

How much do pressure washers make an hour

Ideally pressure washers can make 30$ to 40$ per hour in average depending upon where your business is situated. Additionally, you may lose clients who were accustomed to paying your low prices if you were under price at the outset. So If you are thinking to start this business then you need to buy best budget pressure washers that will help you to generate income for you.

Keep Balance

Keeping the right balance to set how much to charge an hourly rate depends on taking into account all the variables and also keeping an eye on the bottom line.

It may look like to you that you are making a decent wage if you change your customers $50 an hour, but you must also take in consideration all the costs involved in delivering your specific service.

keep balance

This should be an important part of your business strategy. Consider all the costs for the job also the time it takes in completing the job

For example, let ‘s take a pressure washing business that is in its initial stages which specializes in house cleaning and cleaning the rugged area. The obvious considerations would be equipment, accommodation, probably the company rental space, or a loan payment for one or more cars. What does not occur to a new business owner immediately is the amount of time spent on the company that will not be billed directly to customers.

If you’re trying to run one such fictitious business, you’ll need to make calls to arrange meetings, take time to visit homes, encounter customers and give quotes. You should even calculate the time required for loading and unloading of equipment at work sites. It is essential to calculate this whole effectively unpaid time to decide how much to charge hourly.

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A Successful Roadmap

A successful roadmap starts with a summary of monthly expenses split over the amount of hours the customers will actually be billed for. Let’s Continue with the above business example, and estimate that the number of paid hours per week is 30.

Loaning a vehicle is equal to about 3$ an hour. Car insurance amounts to 1$ and hour. Also you would need to clean the supplies which amounts to about 3.33 cents. Also you would be needing phone and internet services which would roughly cost you about 4 $ an hour.


A successful business always has an advertising and marketing plan. This advertising and marketing plan is going to cost you about 5 $ an hour. Now the most important part of your pressure washing business would be running the equipment.

Total Cost

The cost of running the equipment can vary. If maintenance and fuel is also to be included the good estimate of the cost would be 10$ per hour. Also you would be needing a shop or store for your business. There are two ways it can be achieved. You can either buy a shop or you can rent a shop. We would consider renting the shop, which would cost you around 900$ a month which amounts to 9$ per hour.

These big and small costs all have added up to nearly $40 an hour, but you’ve not paid yourself or made enough money to get back into your company. You have to do some level math if you are trying to make a decent wage and get some money to put back into the company. Bear in mind that your customer should only pay about 30 of your 40 working hours a week.

If you want to make a salary of $60,000 a year, you should take your annual salary, and break that down to weekly, based on a 40-hour work week, with money to put back into the pressure washing business. Therefore, the $60,000 an hour is around $29. So let us say you want a $20,000 cushion for your business, which is equal to around $9.50 an hour.

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As you already know that your expenses add up to around 40$ an hour so when you add these together it is now a total of around 80$ an hour. Now you have to compensate this somehow. So how do you do that? How would you charge your costumer for this? Are you going to charge your customer 80$. Well no, not if you want to have customers all the time. With this amount of billing no customer would stay.

So your 80$ and hour/40 hour a week paycheck is equivalent to around 3200$ per week. With this rate if you are billing your customers 30$ hours per week, your hourly fee should be around 106$ per hour. So now we are talking! Yeah that sounds pretty decent.


Estimating the price you should be charging your customers doesn’t always depend on only these factors. There are also other factors which affects this price as well. There are other variables to consider, such as market competition and demand at the local level.

Cold weather climes could only create seasonal power washing demand. Power washers will need to keep an eye on average rates in places with plenty of competition. If there is not much competition around then you can vary the price a little bit because your customers would be willing to pay you if they don’t have many alternatives but if there are alternatives then you have to go with the average rate in that area.

FAQ’S about pressure washers job

How much can you make from pressure washing?

It depends upon the place where you are providing pressure washer services like pressure washing a car but according to hour research you can make 25$ to 30$ hourly from pressure washing.

Is pressure washing a profitable business?

If you are thinking to start your pressure washing business then you should go for it because it is incredibly rewarding with a great potential. You must be sure in which place you are starting your business.

How much does a pressure washer owner make a year?

According to our research a pressure washer owner average earning is 40,000$ per year and more then 1.8 million workers are employed in this industry as well.

Can you make a living pressure washing?

Yes, you can make a living even a good living by pressure washing business. It comes in one of the high paid businesses these days. An average hourly rate of pressure washing is 35$.

Final Verdict

So in short, determining how much to charge your customers seems like a very difficult task but believe me it is. But it also is an extremely important task for your business to be successful. The work you put into deciding the rate will give you a vivid view of the financial future of your pressure washing business.

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