How to clean a wood deck without a pressure washer?

A clean and tidy deck can make your home look more beautiful. A dirty deck not only does make things look ugly, but also dirty decks don’t last for a long time. There are various cleaning decks, the most effective of all is by using a pressure washer. While most people buy a pressure washer and save them some time and hard work, others can’t afford them and like to clean things using other ways. If you are one of the later ones, you would probably be wondering how to clean a wood deck without a pressure washer.

This task may look complicated and tiresome, and to some extent, it is, but if you follow the steps we share with you. You would be able to get the job done without having any problems and with comfort as well.

Home decks not only add more beauty to your home; they also increase their price as well. If you take care of your wood deck it will last for years, but if you ignore it, it will have mold and mildew problems, and it might end up splintered or cracked, and you might end up spending a big load of money to repair or replace it.

Best way to clean a wood deck without a pressure washer

  • First, you need to prep the deck by washing it and removing any dirt, grease, grime, mold, mildew, or wood fibers. Even if you have recently installed a wood deck, you still need to wash it to remove dust, footprints, and other debris.
  • Spray the deck with a pump sprayer using the best wood deck cleaner. If your deck is large-sized, you can divide it into small sections and do each section correctly and with great care.
  • You can use the best pressure washer cleaner on the deck for cleaning it. Since you are not using a pressure washer, you need to apply the cleaner using a sponge or a mop.
  • After you have made sure the deck is spotless and there is no speck of single dirt left on it, leave it to dry for several days.
  • Wet wood is more fragile than dry wood, so make sure it is super-dry before walking on it.
  • If you want to stain the deck after cleaning it, we recommend you sand it first and make sure there are no sawdust particles or any debris on it.
  • Now apply the deck stain or sealer with the right brush.
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Above were the steps to follow for cleaning your wooden deck. Besides that, you need to make sure of considering a few factors before beginning the process.

Factors to consider while cleaning a wood deck

  • Use insecticidal soap

Such soap will kill any living organism that is damaging your wooden deck. It is the best soap for a deck that suffers mold spots. Make sure you wear gloves and rinse the deck properly.

  • You can also use a general detergent solution if things are not that dirty

If your deck is not that dirty, you can save yourself some money and effort by making a general detergent solution at home. You can use any washing product, mix it with hot water, and apply it on the deck. Leave it for 10 min and then rinse well.

  • Make a hydrogen peroxide solution to remove mold and mildew

Mix a little food-grade hydrogen peroxide with hot water, apply the solution on deck, let it settle for 10-20 min and then rinse well.

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Above were the most straightforward steps to clean a wood deck without using a pressure washer. The more massive deck you have, the more challenging and tiresome the process will be. We would recommend you to buy the best 2000 psi pressure washer instead and get the job done conveniently and not time at all.

If you have financial issues, you can also buy the best pressure washer under $100. Purchasing a pressure washer will not only facilitate you when it comes to cleaning your wood deck but will also help in cleaning your house and any dirty surface that needs cleaning.

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