How To Clean Vinyl Siding With A Pressure Washer? | Smart Pressure Washer

Starting a pressure washer can be easy and safe for cleaning your siding. The trick is to use lower water pressure so that the force of blast from behind does not damage or stains its surface; instead, this should focus on washing dirt off surfaces in front with ease.

Tip to start pressure washer

The secret to keep your siding looking great is simple: start on the low-pressure setting and slightly adjust as needed. Always use appropriate soap or detergent when washing, avoid using corrosive cleaners that contain undiluted bleach (or untraditional cleaners like furniture polishes), they’ll damage it in short order.

For one-story homes, almost any portable pressure washer will do just fine at low pressures. For two-story houses with higher ceilings and hard to reach spots that need an extra bit of muscle or power for their soiling needs, consider the gas-powered models.

You could also purchase extension wands which are often used in painting jobs where you have heights on both ends but no middle section between floors available these tools allow people who lack height requirements access into previously inaccessible areas easily.

Using Pressure Washer Detergent

Soap and water is always a better cleaning combination than just using plain old tap water. You can make it even more effective by adding pressure washer detergent, which most power sprayers have an injector for.

Be sure to read the instructions first though because some solvents are not environmentally friendly if used on your machine- but they work well in other ways so don’t worry too much about this one capability of their side effects versus benefits ratio unless you want spotless windows every time after use without worrying how often Larson’s Cleaning Services comes out.

Applying the Detergent Solution

In order to completely clean your house, you will want a pressure washer. Apply the soap mixture under low pressure with smooth overlapping strokes and work from bottom up when cleaning any size of home or business building in need – it’s just like painting.

If you’re going for high-success rates then consider using one that has detergent capabilities as well because this new generation can shoot out 25 feet before releasing its spray pattern into our world, saving us time by not having splitters on all four lances at once.

Using a Brush for Tough Spots

If you have not cleaned your home for long time, try to use the utility brush on an end of pressure washer wand. The bristles work to loosen thick layers of dirt that arecliemmed deep into cracks and crevices leaving them less likely.

Let it Work in Before Rinsing

Now it’s time to grab a drink and relax for 5-10 minutes while your house is being scrubbed clean. Keep an eye on the solution as you go, because if there are any parts of siding which cannot get wet or dry due in order not wash away with rainwater then this will lose effectiveness.

Starting from a Distance

Pressure washers are designed for big projects, that’s why always should remember to start at a distance and not so close and use low-pressure spray. Don’t get too close or you’ll damage your siding and might even spray water into the walls of your home which can cause mold. You should hold up the wand away like five feet away from surface before gradually moving in if additional cleaning power is needed.

Spray Your Siding Clean

Be careful not to spray directly at vents or light fixtures or eaves. When the pressure of water is high then it can breakdown the windowpanes. So, make sure that the angle of your wand is pointing down when rinsing under horizontal siding which would cause vinyl surfaces like those on roofs buckle just as if someone was walking right next door.

When you start high up near where runoff first enters gutters then follows their length before returning back towards home’s roofline for an even distribution across all parts ensuring no one inside gets wet, this will also save thousands in repair bills.


Pressure washers are a blast to use. They work extremely fast, pressure washing is one of those things that always look good on paper but in reality takes forever because the water comes out so slowly with little effect.


Q. Using a pressure washer on vinyl siding can it be safe?

A. Pressure washers are a great way to clean your siding, but you should only use low pressure and soap because it could damage the surface or get behind.

Q. What PSI should be used to clean vinyl siding?

A. For around-the-yard chores, like stripping a deck or washing siding with a pressure washer can be very beneficial. It’s important to use the correct amount of force accordingly because too much power will tear through flesh at close range if not used properly; but don’t worry all PSI capable machines are designed for safety.

Q. Can we make homemade vinyl siding cleaner?

A. For a strong vinyl siding cleaner, mix together one-third cup powdered laundry detergent with a two-thirds cup household cleaner to form a paste. Add in some liquid bleach and water until you have reached the desired consistency before applying it onto surfaces that need cleaning such as your fence or decking boards using an old toothbrush for best results.

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